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  • Can a potential business do their own fitout?
    Yes, fitout can be outsourced for your commercial unit. If the main construction is not complete, purchasers will need to wait until settlement. After settlement, purchasers will need to apply to the strata manager and local council to get relevant approvals prior to commencing the fitout.
  • Where do I find the floor plan and measurements of the unit?
    These are available upon enquiry, please call or email us via our contact page.
  • What makes up the unit/inclusions?
    Commercial units are white box, this includes drainage, painted gyprock walls and ceiling, two batten lights, a smoke detector and two double power points. Power and water is individually metered.
  • When is the final stage being built?
    The construction of the final stage is to be announced. For construction updates follow @louttit_constructions on Instagram or @LouttitConstructions on Facebook.
  • Is there an option to lease commercial units?
    Lease options are available, please contact us to find out more.
  • What are the annual Fees, Strata, Rates or any other costs?
    An estimate can be provided dependent on unit size. Please call or email us for more information.
  • Are the residential apartments strata costs shared with the commercial strata costs or separate?
    The strata costs for residential and commercial are separate.
  • What other businesses are already established in Train Street Central?
    Please see our Business Hub page.
  • How many people live in Broulee?
    Over 1,700 people live in Broulee permanently, with many more from surrounding suburbs attending Broulee's schools and daycare centres. Broulee is also a popular holiday destination, especially over Summer.
  • What kind of green space will there be in the development?
    The green space that is at the front of stage 1 commercial will continue along the front of stage 2 and around the corner into Cambridge Crescent, in front of stage 3. There will also be generous green space behind the main entrance with seating available for all to enjoy.
  • Who is responsible for the outside maintenance?
    This is included as part of strata fees.
  • Can commercial units be shared between businesses?
    Yes, businesses can share a commercial unit after receiving approval from the strata manager (as well as the unit owner, if leased).
  • Is parking allocated to the units or shared?
    The only allocated parking is the disabled spaces. The rest of the parking is shared by the commercial businesses and their clients. There are currently 80 parking spaces, with a total of 118 due by the completion of the entire development. The rear two bedroom residential units include a double garage, they do not have any other car spaces allocated to them.
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